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Electronic Data Deliverables
Keystone Laboratories uses a state-of-the-art Laboratory Infomation Management System (LIMS) to track Client Projects, Work Orders, Samples, and Analytical Results. All this data is available in a number of industry standard EDD formats. Contact your Project Manager for specific details.
Database, Spreadsheet, and ASCII Text Formats
  • Standard Excel 5.0/7.0
  • Standard Access 2.0
  • Standard Access 7.0 (95)
  • Standard ASCII with fixed-width field separation
  • Standard ASCII with CSV field separation
  • Standard ASCII with tab-delimited field formatting
  • Standard Dbase IV
  • Standard Fox Pro3.0
  • Standard XML
Specific Application Formats
  • Adapt Laboratory Data Consultants, Inc. Adapt version 2.0
  • CAL - Trans CA Dept of Transportation
  • Chevron National UST Remediation Database
  • CLP-Like
  • COELT 1.2a Corps of Engineers Loading Tool / EDMS
  • EDF 1.2i Flat File UST Storage Tank Format Flat File Version
  • EDF 1.2i Relative UST Storage Tank Format Relative File Version
  • EQuIS 3.x EarthSoft, Inc. 4-table
  • GIS/Key 2.3 GIS/Solutions, Inc.
  • GIS/Key 3.1 GIS/Solutions, Inc.
  • IRPIMS MWH flat-file version of IRPIMS DLH 3.0
  • ERPIMS MWH flat-file version of ERPIMS DLH 4.0
  • SEDD
  • TetraTech
  • Wisconsin DNR State of WI
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